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It is giving me the ability to stay present. I have a tendency to catastrophize situations. Neurofeedback sessions have given me the cushion space to think and not just react. And doing so has minimized the effect of stress. Actually, I am able to step away and understand my stress. I am better able to judge a situation as needing to be addressed or seeing it as benign.

— An existing client

After seeing the amazing affect that neurofeedback had on my daughter after only one session, I decided to have a session myself. I have never felt so focused. My “to do” list that I’d put off for months was done in a day and a half and I really feel great about myself.

Thanks so much

— McKinney resident

I smoked for 53 years at two packs a day. I am now a non-smoker and life is great. While I had tried to quit dozens of times before, nothing ever worked. My sessions on the “Brain Machine” played an important role in my success. I can’t thank you enough.

— McKinney resident

I read how athletes were using neurofeedback to enhance performance, so I thought I would try it out on my golf game. After three months my handicap dropped from 18 to 8 and today it’s 12. Well worth the investment and the continued sessions with you.

— Allen golfer

Simply put, I had been stuck in a rut. The need for a change was readily apparent. Then I heard that brain training could help with my so-called Golf Game. I thought “I might as well do something that might at least help my charity scramble team”. With that sense of hope and skepticism, I had my first session of NeurOptimal training. Afterwards, I felt an immediate and certain serenity. Certainly, I came away with a greater ability to overcome little stuff.
The benefits were unquestionable. I sleep better, deeper, and remember more dreams (which seem comparatively vivid). Life’s messes, inconsiderate drivers, and petty people do not bother me quite as much. My “monkey mind” seems not to get the upper-hand nearly as often. Better focus and concentration has yielded an increased ability to  work on one thing at a time through completion (and to stay on task). Staying in the present is becoming increasingly easy as is letting go of old junk. I am  now in a much better place, enjoying the present, and looking forward to the future (and to lower golf scores).
To those yet to try NeurOptimal training, I would say: “What are you waiting for?!”
— Delivered From the Freeways to the Fairways of Life